The Fragrance

SINGER and X Factor UK judge Nicole Scherzinger launches her debut fragrance, Chosen. Introducing a fragrance as independently sexy as the woman who created it... 

“I want women to feel chosen, feel loved and feel adored when they wear my fragrance. Every woman deserves to feel that way and one of my absolute mantras to feeling good is to smell good. As a woman.

I think a scent can make you feel like a million dollars and holds memories you will never forget.

So when I sat down to start this journey, the scent was hugely important to me. I’ve always adored fragrances and beauty products so I not only wanted something that smells exactly like me but a beautiful bottle to put on my dressing table. And Chosen by Nicole Scherzinger was born! It literally has been chosen by me – I didn’t want to just put my name to it, I wanted it to be my creation from start to finish.

To me it is simple, classic and incorporates both some of my favourite notes – from roses, peaches to white patchouli – and my favourite colour – stunning rose gold.”

The fragrance comprises top notes of apple, orange, peach and pear; heart notes of jasmine and caramel; while patchouli, vanilla and musk form the base. The bottle design incorporates a sleek and stylish hand polished glass complemented by a platinum embossed mosaic pattern and a rose gold embossed logo. “The mosaic is totally me,” says Nicole. “It’s got edges and different layers.”

The perfect addition to any dressing room table, Chosen by Nicole Scherzinger.